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The English Project

This year 23 students of the 3rd and 4th form of the NMS Zeltweg took part in the English Project Week. The native speakers Dale and Davina from English in Action - Canterbury were at our school from Monday, 17th to Friday, 21st of December. They presented a variety of games, activities and did some creative writing with the pupils. Furthermore, they prepared different sketches, a quiz and a short Christmas play with them in order to present them in front of all the students, staff and parents of the participating students on the last day of the project.

The trainers were very successful in eliciting the students’ English language skills and helped them to overcome their fear and shyness of communicating in a foreign language. This has built up their confidence in the practice of using English.

The project went very well, the two native speakers and the students had a very enjoyable and great time.

Many thanks to the parents for allowing their children to take part in this course and the English teachers (Mrs. Willhuber B., subject coordinator; Mrs. Pollinger A.) for the preparation efforts and trainer support as well as Mr. Sailer B.  for the technical support.

In order to show our gratitude to the trainers the English team organized a final meeting in a typical Austrian restaurant to have a pleasant environment for feedback and follow-up work.

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